Why can't I access my account on theright.fit website anymore?

On April 30, 2023 we're moving theright.fit talent experience exclusively to our mobile app.

Am I losing access to my account?

No. You can still continue to access your account via our mobile app. You'll just no longer be able to access it via a web browser.

Do I have to do anything before the switch?

No. You'll use the same login details to access the app. So, if you already have the app installed, there’s nothing you need to do. If you haven’t used the app yet, you can download it for free on Android or iOS.

Why the change?

We’re always looking for new ways to help showcase your skills and talent to get you booked on more jobs. Since launching our talent app in 2022, we've seen it become more and more popular with our users. By delivering our talent experience exclusively though the app, we can continue to innovate and improve our service to you.

Will I still be able to use the same features?

Yes, the app has all the same fantastic features you’ve come to love about our website. You still can manage your profile, communicate with clients, as well as browse and apply for jobs.

Where can I find the app?

Our app is available on Android and iOS mobile devices. You can download it for free from the GooglePlay Store or Apple App Store.