Understanding the Instagram Verification Process

Need to provide a one-time passcode (OTP)

When you attempt to connect an Instagram account to our platform, our system may send you a verification email to confirm your access to the handle you are trying to connect.

You will either be sent an email:

  1. That contains an OTP sent to the email address linked to your Instagram account that you must enter in the app when trying to connect.
  2. That contains an OTP, sent to your TRF email address, with instructions (and link) on verifying your access to the Instagram account you are trying to connect by sending our official Instagram handle (@theright.fit) a direct message with the OTP supplied.

Once we receive your OTP, either in the app or via an Instagram direct message, potential clients will have access to your account via your profile.

Please note:
The OTP code only lasts 24 hours, and you must request a new one once this time frame passes to confirm.

This process is designed to protect your identity so no one can impersonate you on our platform and ensure that only verified connections of social media accounts exist on our platform.

Can I connect my account if it's set to Private?

No, if your Instagram account is private, it can not be connected to our platform.

You will be notified that your account is set to private when trying to connect and will only be able to continue with the connection once you make your account public.

If you are having issues connecting your account

Feel free to contact our support team for assistance connecting and verifying your account if you still have issues.