How do I contact a client?

How do I contact a client? Rea Brainzel Goyone

In we have an inbuilt chat for clients and talent to connect, just like Airtasker, Upwork or Uber! You can use the chat to send messages, upload attachments, and links to youtube or vimeo for casting videos. has been set up to keep you safe, make the jobs flow seamlessly, ensure you get paid on time (within 48 hours), and help you to build your professional brand.

We want to ensure you know we’ve got your back. When the client presses ‘book’ you both enter into a legally binding contract. They HAVE to pay you, and we’ll always make sure this happens. It’s really simple: if you contact the client directly, you could end up doing the job, never being paid, and having absolutely no rights or compensation for the work you did.

You're  social media links are already attached to your account so you don't need to re-list them in your job application, as the client can see these directly on  your profile.

If you need to send anything to a client for casting purposes, you can do all of this in our direct messaging tool on the platform.

Once you are booked on a job via you can then exchange details with the client such as your phone number or email address.

If you are unable to reach the client after being booked, we recommend proceeding with the engagement as agreed (ie, attend the photo shoot or complete the post for influencer work) but this is up to your discretion.

We recommend checking your messages regularly. You don’t want to miss out on a fab job because you forgot to respond to a client.

Don’t leave them hanging! Be proactive. Client’s love good communication.

Once you’ve secured the job, keep the conversation rolling. A good point of practice is to confirm details the night before. 

You’re a professional. Show it!

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